Logging Emails

Another integration function we have is to automatically sync emails we send and the first response from the contact into the integration. This is especially useful if you do not sync emails from our mutual customers' account already.

Usually we'll need another POST endpoint to submit the following details.

POST /activity

  "type": "email_sent",
	"body": "From: Steven Lu <[email protected]>\nTo: Steven Lu <[email protected]>\nSubject:Hey\n\nHow is it going?"

We can also structure the fields to if you support it, please just let us know an example request that needs to be done to include from, to, subject, body, etc.

Logging Tasks

Similar to logging emails sent we also support logging completed tasks. For example our users could put a reminder to call or text the contact a day after the first email was sent. We can log this activity to integrations using the same POST endpoint as above or we can hit a separate endpoint.