Interseller partner integrations are where Interseller's engineering team creates the integration on your behalf on top of your API. We usually build integrations with well-known software. Interseller does not build single-use integrations and we recommend using the API instead.

Our partner integrations can:

  • Add contacts to the integration whenever they are:
    • Added to any Interseller sequence; or
    • Whenever they reply back
  • See if the contact already exists in the integration to warn our mutual customer and prevent emails to those contacts
  • Add contact to lists like a job or campaign (optional)
  • Add a link into Interseller to lead to the contact page into the integration
  • Log emails that Interseller sends into the integration (optional)
  • Log manual tasks that Interseller sends into the integration (optional)
  • Ability to map custom fields from Interseller into the integration if the fields are also custom (optional)
  • Update candidate to keep activity fields in sync (e.g. last responded, unsubscribed) (optional)

We usually like starting with the first couple of ones first, then building out the integration where necessary. This document will detail out what we'll need to build a proper integration.