Step 1: What we need from you

In order to get the process started, we need a couple of items from you:

  1. We need an account to test the integration with. We'd prefer an account that has an active subscription so we can test future developments of the integration.
  2. Any authentication keys that we'd need to authenticate with your app (e.g. OAuth or API keys)
  3. We need a 250x250 transparent PNG of your logo so we can add you to our integrations page. We do prefer a logo with a white background.
  4. API documentation. Check out what endpoints we need below.

Step 2: Verification

Once the integration has been built, we launch the integration in a hidden mode. We then usually ask a mutual customer to integrate with it and provide us feedback.

Step 3: Launch

Once we believe we have a good integration, we launch it publicly and it can be installed by anyone. It is initially labeled with a "Beta" flag until we have 5 or more customers that have integrated.

Step 4: Marketing

Our team is open to having a webinar together. If you're open to it, we'd love to discuss a joint-webinar!